Silestone Worksurfaces


Silestone quartz is available in over sixty colours so there´s sure to be a colour for you. A small selection of the most popular ones are shown here. All Silestone colours benefit from anti-bacterial protection as well as a 10 year material guarantee.

Silestone quartz worktops from Consentino is the world leading quartz worktopbrand. Silestone is a compound made up of 94% natural quartz, which make itextraordinarily hard and resilient. It is also highly resistant to stains andscratches, and has a low level of fluid absorption. Silestone comes in over 60 colours which benefit from high levels of colour consistency and is perfect foruse in the kitchen and bathroom.

Silestone worktops are also backed by a 10 year material warranty and is theonly worktop which comes with built in anti-bacterial protection, guaranteeingtotal hygiene. Another advantage of Silestone quartz worktops is it is easy to keep clean andmaintain. In most cases it just needs to be wiped over with a dry cloth to remove the dirt.

Care and maintenance of your Silestone quartz worktops

If there are no significant remains of grease on the surface, a dry cloth will be allthat is needed to remove the dirt.

If the grease or stains are ingrained, a plasticscouring pad may be used with washing-up liquid.For more stubborn stains we recommend the use of household cleaner CIFOriginal that should be wiped on the stain with a soft cloth and rinsed thoroughlyafter cleaning.

To clean the quartz surface more thoroughly we recommend a specific cleaningproduct for Silestoneworktops like Q-ACTION.

It is better not to use products like wax, sprays or sealants, which can eventuallycause the Silestone surface to lose its sheen due to the effect of such products.