Bathrooms & Bathroom Designers in Coalville, Leicestershire

Here at Décor 1988 a top tier bathroom designer will start by getting to know you and your home first, to understand how to create a bathroom that is perfectly tailored to how you live.

From kitchens to luxury ensuite bathrooms, our bathroom designs also include bathroom installation in Coalville, Leicestershire Décor 1988 are the right professionals for you.

Your bathroom designer must understand your needs to precisely design and install the bathroom you want, which reflects your dreams and style in your bathroom. We can also help you in finding inspiration for colours and materials for bathroom furniture, as understanding your vision and any limitations will allow your designer to come up with creative ideas and solutions.

The advantages of fitting professional bathroom designers and bathroom installers with us are that we include guidance and advice on how to make the best of a small bathroom space or how to create a truly luxurious bathroom if you have spare room. Your designer can help you make the best decisions and offer ideas on how to create the bathroom of your dreams

Our priority to create a sanctuary just for you, which will be tailored to your every need. We have a strong team of talented designers, in Coalville, Leicestershire. At Décor 1988 we understand that you are individual, so we listen to your own needs and always pay attention to detail to provide a complete personal service designed with you in mind.

In conclusion, your bathroom designer will be able to advise you to bring in a structural engineer or surveyor to evaluate the floor and, if necessary, to produce the paperwork required by Building Control to start the installation or fitting of the bathroom.